Who We Are

Al-Mousa Company

Al-Mousa was founded on a great vision that is not limited to the mind that creates a platform of hard work that leads to our achievements and the satisfaction of our customers, we select the right people who have passion, vision and high skills to accomplish the tasks, I and all the employees of Al-Moosa work as one person to be a leading Saudi entity.

Since our humble beginnings in 1971 in a small shop specialized in serving small household water pumps, realizing the importance and quality of water in peoples’ lives, and to move forward in supporting our government in the water file, we started providing the highest quality of well pumps as a pioneer in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . After nearly 50 years, Al-Mousa has been serving its clients in many fields such as general contracting, pumping systems, water and energy solutions, maintenance, operation and technical solutions for industrial systems

We believe in that the best way to predicate the future is by made it

Abdullah Nasser Al-Mousa for Trade and Contracting

Abdullah Nasser Al-Mousa Contracting is one of the leading Saudi Al-Mousa Group companies in the fields of (drilling wells, pumps, generators, and electrical cable panels).
As it accomplished many water treatment works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It constructs, manufactures, operates and maintains desalination plants
(R.O.), with a reverse osmosis system. The establishment, operation and maintenance of sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants and integrated chemical treatment
For cooling towers and boilers, also supplies water treatment equipment and chemicals, and supplies
Technical and consulting services to clients

The National Water Works Company

We started in 2008 under a strategic cooperation agreement between
SMI and Al Moosa Group, more than 10 years of continuous development and improvements, 36 years experience in SMI and 47 years in Al Moosa Group

The company seeks to become a leader in the water and wastewater projects sector in partnership with famous international companies, as we provide complete engineering solutions for projects and engineering services.

We provide integrated pumping solutions for all the needs of clients, contractors and consultants
We cover the Kingdom through: 11 branches and 47 distributors

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Al-Mousa Specialized Cables

A pioneer in the field of distributing electrical cables of all types and sizes. Al-Mousa Specialized Cables was established in 1994 to cater to the cable requirements in industrial projects all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our technical expertise and technical staff have contributed to the rapid growth of MSC

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Sadan Saudi Water and Energy Company

Sadan Company was established as one of Al Mousa Group working in the water field for more than forty years, and that was an addition and distinction. From here we began the journey of struggle and success, and on more than one level, we have achieved, praise be to God, achievements in the work of wells, water, drainage, electricity networks and control systems, and we have spread to many regions of the Kingdom. Today, we have sufficient experience and know-how, so our business and projects have evolved to form new horizons and expansions that serve the country and are in line with its vision

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Nufud Azriyah Contracting Company

Nofoud Al-Azriyah Contracting Company is one of the Al-Mousa Group companies that works in the field of operation and maintenance work for water purification stations and water networks, underground wells maintenance works, operation and maintenance works for sewage stations and sewage networks, mechanical works especially the installation of pump rooms with different capacities and the work of extending water lines of diameters and types Various electrical works include laying electrical cables, designing and implementing panels and distributing control panels.

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Technology and Development Solutions Company (TDS)

Technology and Development Solutions Company is a leading Saudi company providing diversified services in the fields of water, environment, mining and geothermal energy. The company was established to provide better solutions using the best modern technologies along with tremendous experiences to provide the most appropriate solutions to our customers

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Technical selection of contracting

Technical selection was established in 2010 within Al-Mousa Group to become specialized in supplying and installing water equipment including surface and submersible pumping systems, valves, pipes and all requirements of sewage treatment plants, as well as supplying control, operation and monitoring systems necessary for water and wastewater projects

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Al Mousa Company for Industrial Projects

Al-Mousa Industrial Projects Company was a prominent and distinguished player in the heavy equipment spare parts market, starting from where others ended, by providing spare parts of the brand of varuos of high quality, in addition to owning a large workshop equipped with the latest modern equipment to repair faults in pumps and machines Heavy, by a team of technical and technical experts, in addition to a highly responsive sales team to meet all the needs of our customers.

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Al-Mousa Company for Electric Generators

Al-Mousa Company for Electric Generators was established in 2015 and it is one of the companies of Al-Mousa Group and is specialized in the field of selling, supplying and installing the following generators: –
Kubota engines – Japanese
John Deere engines – France
Cummins engines – United States of America
Perkins Engines – UK
Laurie Sumire Generators – France

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Admas Arabia Company

Admas Arabia Ltd. is a Saudi company whose headquarters is located in the city of Riyadh and has representatives in all major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And energy fields and their solutions

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